The AACSB certification: Ultimate excellence for MBA

In academics in general involving colleges and universities around the world, individual and overall certifications are very important, functioning as the instruments that show and emphasize excellence from behalf of who or which obtain it. Since, entities like organizations and institutions, as well as universities, inside faculties and students can obtain accreditations, related to effort and accomplish.

When it comes to master in business programs or MBA, without any question to do the certification to have and to be sought by students to get into the best degree possible is the AACSB accreditation, as the ultimate symbol of excellence related to these sort of degrees that are provided by business schools around the world, having as goal these institutions to obtain such certification at some point.

The AACSB accreditation is a complex process to carry out, although benefits and excellence acquired by achieving it are outstanding and of great value. Therefore, in the next section we will be addressing the procedure to obtain the certification, as well as explaining concept, characteristics and universities around the world that are accredited.

MBA stands for master in business, as an academic program that allows students in finance and economics to get a specialization, regarding specific business matters that are close related to this matter, such as management, marketing, finance, executive and others, being the MBA types available at the same time. Although, master in business programs can also have a general approach by focusing on many business aspects.

Definitions and features about AACSB certifications

In first place, certifications acts as a sort of symbol that represents and stands for excellence and quality, being acquired generally by achieving demanding and specific parameters that later will separate the acquirer from the rest in terms of class and value.

In details, the AACSB certification is the specific accreditation provided in America for business schools and their master in business and administration programs, as a process that involves 5 years to be completed to evaluate then if the applicant MBA or business school manage to overcome the demanding parameters included.

For example, only five percent of the business schools existing globally are certificated with AACSB accreditation, being in total over 13.000 college faculties that receive students and provide postgraduate MBA degrees. Therefore, such certification is definitely the one to obtain by institutions and the one to be looked by students and future applicants.

Demanding parameters to obtain the AACSB accreditation

In order for business schools and master in business and administration degrees to obtain such an important certification and symbol of excellence, there must be achieved 15 goals or objectives that are included in four main frames at the same time, addressing different aspects of the academic process of teaching, learning, selection and others.

To start, the first general frame corresponds to the strategic management and innovation, as the category that involves productive changes and the technological platforms to be use by students and teachers, since MBA are known to bet on online teaching approach of teaching.

Secondly, the second frame to name is the one regarding participants and the students’ engagement, being focused on future and current applicants and their academic quality, commitment to the program and previous knowledge, as well as general perform in the MBA.

Thirdly, the learning and teaching process and how teachers apply strategies to give knowledge and how students learn is the next frame to overcome, taking into account the feedback produced by great strategies carried out in the classroom that allow students to be excellent, with the help of the teachers.

And lastly, academic professional engagement and credentials from teachers is the fourth frame, including the personal achievement managed by professors in academic terms. In relation to certified business schools that offer MBA, the Arizona State University and Florida Southern College are great examples.