University of Chicago MBA

Talking about the academic aspects of business leads to only one institution in the world: the University of Chicago, as the scholarly faculty that offered for the first time the executive MBA and PhD studies in business when no other academic institution did before. So, having more than one hundred years of educational history by being founded in 1898, the University of Chicago stands out as one of the most important academic faculties in the world when it comes to business.

Because of that, today we will be reviewing the different benefits, features, characteristics and cost that have attending a master in business program in the University of Chicago, being this academic program one of the most requested in terms of business and enterprising matters, as a postgraduate degree that involves research, operative functions and high demanding tasks.

However, before getting into the specific details of the University of Chicago MBA, in first place we will address this program with a general overview, in order to get the next section with more specific data that is related to the program offered by the Chicago Booth School of Business.

Master in business or MBAs being reviewed in general

Conceptually, master in business and administration programs are academic postgraduate business degrees, where students with knowledge and careers taken related to enterprising and economic affairs can get a proper specialization, with a research, operative and executive approach, so these programs are considered quite demanding in terms of content and selectivity.

Now, there is not only one type of MBA program available for students. In fact, there is a great variety of these degrees that have different content, purposes, points of view and approaches, all related with distinct sciences and disciplines as marketing, finance and strategic management, in which the University of Chicago is known for.

Masters of business degrees in the University of Chicago: features

As it was said before, the University of Chicago enjoys great tradition, history and general excellence, having more than one hundred years of academic business experience that hardly can be surpassed by other college or business school. Because of it, at present time there is no absolutely surprise in the demanding approach the MBA has offered in this university.

In details, the University of Chicago is number 1 in both overall and regional ranks by achieving the entire parameters included with outstanding excellence every year, having the American AACSB accreditation and other different signatures and quality symbols in academic business.

In student´s category, the MBA offered by this academic institution almost reach 600 alumni in annual intake, with a number of applicants per full-time place of 7 in a top 100 ranking, great gender diversity score and geographical diversity as well, also receiving students from all regions around the world including continents like America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Australasia.

When it comes to mandatory requirements for future applicants to study in University of Chicago´s MBA program, such candidates must have a bachelor´s degree, GMAT or GRE, TOEFL, IELTS or PTE, as well as entering two references, three essays and overcome an interview with invitation.

Cost and pricing of MBA programs offered in the University of Chicago

Pricing is an important matter for everyone who want to be a future MBA student, since usually these types of academic programs are not cheap at all. However, the University of Chicago may offer financial aids in relation to general needs and proven academic merit.

In details, programme fees are calculated in 56.000 dollars as general cost of the program, divide into 18.000 dollars per year, taking into account matters as accommodations on and off the campus, as well as comments.